Point your foot traffic in the right direction with a well-placed floor decal

Floorspace can be great real estate for signage

Whether it’s instructional, promotional, or decorative, catch the eye of shoe-gazers out there with customized floor decals. Unlike flooring itself, floor decals can be easily applied and removed to match the most current look of your space. And unlike mats and carpets, decals adhere seamlessly without becoming a tripping hazard.

Floor decals, the VinylKC way

  • Foot-friendly non-slip laminate can increase safety on your floor’s surface
  • Scratch-resistant and waterproof laminate makes for good decal longevity
  • We’ll guide you through the options to find the best floor decal fit for you

  • Need help with your graphics? Our professional design team is ready to help
  • Easy application and removal gives you total control over your floor decal placement